Cemetery of the Innocents

On Wednesday, April 18, Vita Clamantis set up a display of 546 American flags on Dartmouth’s Gold Coast to commemorate the 54.6 million lives lost to abortion in the United States since 1973. The purpose of this display was not to condemn but to ask for forgiveness and to promise hope, to promise ourselves and each other that we will do better, we will care better, we will be better. We put these flags out to ask every Dartmouth student a simple question: when your friend, your sister, your cousin, your neighbor, finds herself in this crisis, afraid and uncertain, feeling like the decision of her life weighs upon her, what will you do? Vita hosted a moderated discussion about the display and the abortion issue at 8 PM in the Rockefeller Center’s Class of 1930 room.


Agenda: January 2012

General Meetings: Fridays in Collis 221 at 3 PM
New Hampshire GOP Primary: January 10
Baby Care Drive with Dartmouth Knights of Columbus: TBD
Prayer at Planned Parenthood: Every other Saturday, beginning January 14 at 3 PM
Cardinal O’Connor Conference: January 22, Georgetown University
39th Annual March for Life: January 23, Washington, DC